Info & FAQ's


MassFlood was built with the idea of streamlining the insurance industry. MassFlood takes advantage of cutting edge technology to do this. MassFlood utilizes innovative television and movie studio workflows and techniques to meet extremely high demands in short periods of time. Moving the majority of our workload to our exceptional tech systems means MassFlood agents spend more one-on-one with our insureds and less time pushing buttons. By making the process for quoting flood insurance easier and more modular for our agents, our insureds have a pleasant experience working with us.

MassFlood uses resources from across the country to find locations where rates are skyrocketing and then brings a more affordable option to the public. Having strictly underwritten products means not every exposure is eligible, however, stringent products allow for lower rates. MassFlood agents will work to find the product that best suits your needs.

Strong relationships with pivotal insurance partners and carriers pushes MassFlood beyond most, making extremely competitive products available for MassFlood to offer that other agenies don't have access to.

Although insurance can be complicated, MassFlood's tools make shopping insurance almost effortless and reduce a margin of error that many other agencies encounter.


Is this compliant with my bank?

The policies MassFlood writes meet all six [6] FEMA criteria described in A. through F. of the linked document below, conforming to the mandatory flood insurance purchase agreements.

Why can this product be so much more afforable than the NFIP?

Strict underwriting weeds out exposures that are too volatile and/or see repetitive losses. Because of this, subsidation is exponentialy smaller compared to the NFIP where all exposures must have the opportunity to be written regardless of volatility. Subsidation is the real cause of NFIP increases. However, without this issue, MassFlood can write policies that are much more affordable.

Will MassFlood see ~10-20% rate increases like the NFIP?

MassFlood is not subject to the same pressure as the NFIP, thus, policies are not expected to increase at the same rates. However, just like other insurance policies, there may still be some small increase or decrease in premium on renewal.

What is Grandfathering? Am I grandfathered?

"When flood map changes occur, the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) provides a lower-cost flood insurance rating option known as “grandfathering.” It is available for property owners who:
• "Already have flood insurance policies in effect when the new flood maps become effective and then maintain continuous coverage; or
• Have built in compliance with the FIRM in effect at the time of construction." - FEMA

What does FIRM mean?

FIRM is The Flood Insurance Rate Map or "the official map of a community on which FEMA has delineated both the special hazard areas and the risk premium zones applicable to the community." - FEMA

Why do you need my current policy to start a quote?

Your current policy not only shows proof of current coverage, but has important information needed for writing a new policy. Many people are hesitant in giving information such as their current premium or renewal premium, however, this key piece of information helps calculate the rate/exposure/coverage ratio. Occasionally, policies can be rated incorrectly, therefore every piece of information is valuable in providing you a new flood insurance quote.