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Upload your current policy and/or renewal. MassFlood evaluates each policy individually, exploring available options to compete with the ever rising NFIP.

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Don't sink with heavy premiums when there are other options. The NFIP is in debt and sinking fast with rates increasing to subsidize other states that see repetitive losses. The products MassFlood offers are strictly underwritten to limit exposure to high risks. In turn, the carrier sees less claims and offers a more affordable and stable product.

Who MassFlood Is

Massflood, a division of Peter B. Briggs Insurance Agency, Inc. is solely dedicated to flood insurance and making alternative products accesible to the general public.

Since 1960, the agency has worked with insureds one-on-one to secure affordable coverage. Part of an elite group of agents in New England and with connections to leading brokers, the agency aquires access to highly competitive products.

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